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The Housing Authority of New Orleans employs a fully commissioned police department to maintain the safety and security of HANO families and property. Police officers work closely with the NOPD to patrol HANO sites and monitor crime cameras in the communities.

On June 21, 2011 Senate Bill 78, authored by Senator Edwin Murray was signed into law by Governor Bobby Jindal allowing HANO to establish its own police force. The legislation expands officer efficiency and authority by allowing them to carry weapons, make arrests and collect evidence, draft police reports, and transport suspects to New Orleans Police Headquarters.

HANO police continue to conduct quality of life patrols at all housing sites. During these patrols, officers target abandoned cars, graffiti and other signs of criminal activity on properties, and unsecured vacant dwellings.

HANO Police Hotline: (504) 670-3372

To anonymously report a crime, destruction of property, a quality of life problem, fraud, waste or abuse please call the HANO Police Hotline.

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