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Public Housing

Contact Information

Please contact us by calling our Public Housing Line at (504)670-3446.

Public Housing Homeownership Program

HANO assists public housing tenants to become homeowners. Eligibility criteria for public housing tenants are subject to applicable subsidy funding and lender requirements. Common requirements for public housing clients include:

The Homeownership Voucher Program minimum eligibility requirements include:

  • A downpayment of 3% to 3.5% is generally required with at least 1% of the purchase price coming from the buyer’s personal resources.
  • Debt to loan ratio and credit rating requirements are determined by lenders.
  • The home must be used as a primary residence.
  • Recapture and gains from appreciation provisions are required if HANO subsidies are provided.
Public Housing Maintenance Issues

Tenant Reporting Procedures for Public Housing Maintenance Issues