Public Safety/Compliance Department provides independent assessment of the agency’s financial, operational, and procedural activities; ensuring compliance with Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. This department’s objective is to provide critical assurances that mechanisms are in place to adequately safeguard the assets of the organization by preventing/detecting potential irregularities. The department also coordinates ethics and compliance training for all employees, and serves as the liaison for external auditing entities such as the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Housing and Urban development, and the Independent Auditor (IA).

The HANO Police Department also falls under the responsibility of the Public Safety/Compliance Department and employs fully commissioned police officers to maintain the safety and security of HANO families and property. HANO officers work closely with the NOPD and monitor crime cameras in HANO communities. The passage of Louisiana Senate Bill 78 in June 2011, expanded the officers’ efficiency and authority by allowing them to make arrests, collect and process evidence, draft police reports, and transport suspects. The officers are trained in accordance with the requirements of the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.

Contact Information
Robert E. (Bobby) Anderson
Phone: (504)670-3265
Fax: (504)286-8786