The HCVP Department operates and manages an Annual Contributions Contract (ACC) to assist low-income families with rental payments through the Section 8 Program. The Department develops Section 8 service initiatives, conducts programmatic analysis, and engages in budgeting, financing, communications, and counseling functions to assist program participants. It also ensures that landlord Housing Assistance Payments are made as scheduled, performs fair market rent determinations, conducts Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections and re-inspections, and performs annual reviews of tenant utility allowances - making revisions and adjustments as necessary.

The Client Services Department promotes, establishes and implements programs to empower residents to become self-sufficient through social services, education, job training and employment opportunities. Client Services works directly with resident leaders and management staff to identify the needs of residents at each site and refer them to various HANO-sponsored and partner provider’s programs. Through successful collaborations, Client Services’ goal is to assist HANO residents in workforce development, educational advancement, financial planning for future homeownership, and entrepreneurship. The department establishes prevention and awareness programs that deal with medical and mental health issues that affect HANO’s communities.

Contact Information
Dawn D. Domengeaux
Director of HCVP & Client Services
Phone: (504)670-3427
Fax: (504)286-8779