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Iberville Transformation

HANO’s largest future development project is the transformation of Iberville, with plans to provide one-for-one replacement of the existing 821 units in a mixed-income environment. In 2011, HANO and the City of New Orleans were granted $30.5 million as part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Choice Neighborhoods Initiative. The grant award includes plans to revitalize the Iberville-Tremé neighborhood, improving its sustainability and increasing access to high quality services.

HANO’s future development activities at Iberville will focus on integrating the existing site physically and socially with the surrounding Treme neighborhood to create a diverse, mixed-income and sustainable community. HANO will also emphasize good design, including Energy Star appliances, modern amenities and improved public recreation and gathering spaces.

Iberville Resident Working Team meets with Manning Architects
Photo Credit: Eric Iglesias
HANO gets input from Iberville Residents
Photo Credit: Eric Iglesias
IRWT with HANO Administrative Receiver Gilmore at Iberville Press Conference

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Orientation/Design Attachments
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Funding-Related Attachments
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