CNI - Iberville Resident Working Team

On October 11, 2010, Iberville residents cast their votes to elect four resident-representatives to the Iberville Redevelopment Working Team. Three more residents were appointed to the team by The Administrative Receiver, Mr. David Gilmore. This group of residents works hand-in-hand with HANO, the City, and the development team to make sure the needs of the community are met. Fifteen people qualified to run in the election.

The seven resident members of the Iberville Redevelopment Working Team are Cody Marshall, Rochelle Trotter, Cary Reynolds, Sr., Glenda Graves, Rochelle George, Elaine Robiho, and Kim Piper. More than 24 percent of the Iberville households voted in this election.

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
10am to 3pm
Iberville Resource Center at 213 Marais St.

Or call: (504) 522-7913